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Build smart, effective websites in no time with Pillar

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It’s Your Site, Your Way.

Pillar features a plethora of content blocks and layouts to create your website.

Simple Demo Data Import

You can be setup and ready on no time using our simple demo data importer.

Beautiful Font Combinations

Achieve the right visual tone for your business with our helpfully themed font pairings.

[pillar_icon_box icon=”icon-Contrast” layout=”large” alignment=”text-center” title=”Your Site, Your Way.”]Offering a range of unique themed font pairings means that achieving the perfect visual tone for your project.[/pillar_icon_box]
[pillar_icon_box icon=”icon-Code-Window” layout=”large” alignment=”text-center” title=”Developer Friendly”]We’ve worked hard to make Pillar a flexible base of code from which developers can construct feature-rich sites.[/pillar_icon_box]
[pillar_icon_box icon=”icon-Split-Horizontal2Window” layout=”large” alignment=”text-center” title=”Modular and Reusable”]Combine Pillar’s hand-crafted components to create elegant, cohesive pages that work equally well as one or multi-page sites.[/pillar_icon_box]

Bold, Simple, Robust.

Pillar features a bevvy of content blocks and layouts to create your website.

[pillar_icon_box icon=”icon-Windows-2″ layout=”boxed-large” alignment=”text-center” title=”Lovingly Crafted Components”]Tailored for modern startups, portfolios shops and more.[/pillar_icon_box]
[pillar_icon_box icon=”icon-Medal” layout=”boxed-large” alignment=”text-center” title=”Highly Decorated Author”]Awarded by Envato for providing high quality products.[/pillar_icon_box]

Customers Love Pillar

High quality deisgn and ease-of-use combine to form a product that
designers and developers are crazy about.

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[pillar_pricing_table icon=”” layout=”image” title=”Starter” price=”FREE” button_text=”Subscribe Now” button_url=”#” image=”101″]Up to four projects
using our basic licence[/pillar_pricing_table]
[pillar_pricing_table icon=”” layout=”image” title=”Freelancer” price=”19″ button_text=”Subscribe Now” button_url=”#” currency=”$” image=”100″]Comes with 6 months
of awesome support![/pillar_pricing_table]
[pillar_pricing_table icon=”” layout=”image” title=”Agency” price=”69″ button_text=”Subscribe Now” button_url=”#” currency=”$” image=”102″]You’ll love Pillar
as much as we do![/pillar_pricing_table]

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