The International Jeet Kune Do Federation (IJKDF) is headquartered in New York City.┬áThe Mission of The IJKDF is to promote Jeet Kune Do as sport by establishing a universal set of tournament standards. Only through this pathway can we extend the reach of this unique system to the entire globe with the goal of achieving Olympic-level status. Among it’s many activities and functions the IJKDF will continue to accept memberships, certify referees and instructors, confer rank, host seminars and hold open international-level championships around the world.

Our Beginnings

The International Jeet Kune Do Federation (IJKDF) was born out of a need to create a truly worldwide JKD sports organization and to promote and regulate the sport of Jeet Kune Do for the benefit of young athletes around the globe. Our mission is to bring JKD up to the level of recognition and status enjoyed by other martial arts and combat sports. Our board is international and its members come to IJKDF with their own unique strengths. Several board members are internationally recognized Jeet Kune Do sifus and heads of national martial arts organizations in their respective countries. Our connection to original Jeet Kune Do is through our Chairman, Grandmaster Thomas Keplar.

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